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We import fresh fruits and vegetables from Eastern and Western Europe and export it to all the world. More than 20 years we are working in fruit business.

Our rich experience and market knowledge allow us to work effectively and clear, quickly reacting to changes in buyer’s needs.

Our main product
position we are
specialized in
is - apple. Also in our warehouses is always a large selection of citrus and other fruits.
We cooperate with large companies - leaders in the fruit and vegetable markets in different countries.
Our head office is located in Poland, the city of Gruets.
There is also the main power and warehouses, from where regular export deliveries of products are carried out.
For over 20 years we have been partnering with the best producers of fruits and vegetables.

With whom we are cooperating and what we are selling?

  • POLAND (apple, pear, cherry, strawberry, plum, Chinese cabbage, tomato)

  • GERMANY (strawberry, apple)

  • BELGIUM (apple, pear, strawberry)

  • NETHERLANDS (apple, pear, pepper, salad)

  • FRANCE (apple, pear)

  • ITALY (apple, pear, kiwi, grapes)

  • SERBIA (apple, nectarine, peach)

  • MACEDONIA (peach, grapes, plums, nectarines, apple)

  • EGYPT (orange, tangerine, lemon, grapes, tomato...)

  • MOROCCO (orange, tangerine, tomato)


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We offer fresh apples of the best quality from Poland. Fruits are stored in chambers at a controlled temperature, thereby maintaining freshness and high quality throughout the year. Large volumes of fruit products collected in orchards provide supplies to even the largest customers.

We offer various kinds of apples:

Gala, Ligol, Golden, Rubin Star,

Mutsu, Idared, Lobo, Champion,

Gloster, Jonagored, Cortland, Ligol, Jonagold

and others.

The export turnover of apples

is about 15 000 ton per year.

Also, in our warehouses there is

always a large selection of citrus and other fruits, vegetables and juices

Where we are located:

Our headquarter is located in Poland, Grojec, working from April 2010. The office was opened because of the necessity to simplify the organization and coordination of loadings, logistic support and control the quality of products.

Also there are more options to make new contacts and cooperate with European suppliers.

Since 2006, our representative offices have been operating in neighboring countries, the geographical location of which allows us to effectively work with local markets, navigate prices, supply and demand for fruits and vegetables.

We respect our partners, therefore cooperating with us you always get high quality products in the fastest possible time.

Why it is worth working with us:

The professional attitude and positive dynamics of the company.

The quality of goods and service are the main features of our work with You.

Mobility and saving time, allied to the localization of our branches.

Always glad to cooperate.
Best regards Borcali company team.

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